Our Team

Active Members

Dr. Hassaan Furqan Khan

Principal Investigator

Project leader | research interests
water systems analysis, water pricing

Dr. Nausheen H. Anwar

Co-Principal Investigator

Advisor, socioeconomic studies | research interests: city and regional planning, climate change, infrastructures, inequality

Junaid Ahmed Memon

Co-Principal Investigator

Technical lead (smart flowmeter development) | research interests: systems design, fluid flow measurement, wireless sensor networks and internet of things

Dr. Sana Khalil

Lead WTP study

Lead, water pricing | research interests: labor economics, applied econometrics, development economics

Dr. Sahaab B. Sheikh

Faculty researcher

Research interests: Environmental,
health, and labor economics

Dr. Syed Ali Hussain

Media outreach advisor

Health and risk communication, Social influence and persuasion, Social media marketing

Muhammad Aqib Yousuf

Research Assistant

Researcher, socioeconomic studies | research interest: urban and citizen-led planning, social capital, climate change

Syed Muhammad Ali Rizvi

Research Assistant

Researcher | research interests: internet of things, robotics, systems design, low power sensor nodes, and computer vision

Ubaidullah Jamal

Research Assistant

Researcher | Research Interests: Urban Planning, Climate Change & SRHR, and Social Epidemiology


Dr. Moiz AnisAdvisor, iot | research interests: cellular networks, internet of things, computer networking, &
wireless communications.
Abdul Rehman SoomroFlowmeter hardware development | research interests: hydroinformatics, embedded systems,
water metering
Syed Ali ArshadLyari study | research interests: urban planning, climate change mitigation, ecological justice
Hiba JamalFull stack developer | research interests: computer vision, machine learning modelling
Abdul SamadInventory control | research interests: water metering, surveys, electronic designing.

Undergraduate Researchers

NameMajorGraduating year
Sarwan ShahElectrical Engineering2021
Neha KhatriSocial Development and Policy2021
Aoun HussainElectrical Engineering2021
Ahsan Ali Electrical Engineering2022
Daniyal SaeedElectrical Engineering2022
Hunaina KhanSocial Development and Policy2022
Markhan MushtaqueSocial Development and Policy2022
Muhammad Hamza Raza Social Development and Policy2022
Sara IntikhabSocial Development and Policy2022
Muhammad Ali Arif Electrical Engineering 2023
Muhammad Aqib Khan Electrical Engineering 2023
Yabudullah Ahmed BakhtiarElectrical Engineering 2023
Asad TariqComputer Science2023
Mohammad Hasan TariqComputer Engineeing2023
Mohammad Jazzel MehmoodComputer Engineeing2024
Zayaan DelawallaSocial Development and Policy2023
Fariha BatoolSocial Development and Policy2023
Ajab Shabbir HussainCommunication and Design 2023
Rida Rehan ChughtaiSocial Development and Policy 2024
Aimen ImtiazSocial Development and Policy 2024
Syeda Khudaija RezaSocial Development and Policy 2024
Mustafa SohailComputer Engineeing2024
Nimra SohailComputer Engineeing2024
Maham TabassumElectrical Engineeing2023